MOS Beta exams

If possible and time permits i like to participate in the beta for the MOS exams. So in the last couple of months i did the following:

  • Excel 2010 Expert
  • Word 2010 Expert
  • Access 2010
  • SharePoint 2010

The downside to taking beta exams is that often there is no preparation material available, so it is all pure knowledge you have to use. The plus side is that with MOS you can use your experience from earlier versions. Sure newer versions make newer questions. But you also know that essential functionality stays the same. Beta exams are different in that most of the times you get triple the usual amount of questions in about double the time. So it is not a question of taking things easy. In the end you do see a result. However it does not tell you if you passed the exam. That is where the long waiting starts. When the exam goes live you can take a look at the result. If you did well you pass the exam and you don’t have to take the exam to receive the credential. If you fail you do have to take the final exam again. Rumour has it that there will be a Access 2010 exam coming up and a OneNote 2010 exam as well. How cool is that. If registration for those betas start i will post about it here.

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