Color your mail in Outlook 2010

A cool feature in Outlook that I have been using for a long time is to color certain mail in my Inbox. That mail really stands out to other mail just because of the coloring. I am not talking about High priority but colorizing the whole mail header including all columns.

It is one of those options you set once and forget about it because once set it will do its work accordingly. A few weeks ago I suggested this option to one of my students and he was very interested how to set this option in Outlook 2010. I must tell you I did have to look around before I could find it (hmm in the earlier version you could set it here?).

So let me guide you through the steps to create the mailheaders as shown below:

The first step we have to take is choose the folder to which you want to apply the coloring. So go ahead and open a folder e.g. “Inbox”. Now go to the Ribbon and click on the [View] tab. We need to click on the second button [View Settings]. The next dialogbox will show up.





In the next dialog you define the next action which in this case is [Conditional Formatting] . So click on the [Conditional Formatting] button and define a name for the condition. By deafult this will read [Unread Messages]. I called my condition Office 365









Next click on the [Font] button and define how your font should look like. I chose red and bold. You can choose anything you like. Click [OK] when done









Now all we have to do is set the condition to which the coloring should be applied. Click on the button [Condition]. The next dialog will show up. In this dialog you can set the various options which will make up your condition. I have kept it simple and just added a [Search for Words] and entered 365 in the box. After that I checked the checkbox [Where I am:] which by default is set to [the only person on the To line]. Next click on the [OK] button and your formatting will be applied in the current folder.









When you click [OK] the result should be similar to the first picture you see in this post. All designated mail containing the word 365 will be red an bold faced in your inbox.

One Final Note

As with all settings, don’t go overboard with coloring. When you assign to much colors to the various types of mail it will lose its strenght!

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