Let the Table Of Contents Guide Your OneNote

I am a great fan of OneNote. It gives me the opportunity the scribble everything any place, any time. But you know how it goes with scribbling right? In the end it just looks like your real paper notepad. Of course you can use the impecable search option in OneNote and even extend that by making the pictures searchable. It must have been a while back when I decided that a Navigation page with a table of contents would be a great enhancement for my OneNote blocks. For a course we provided at my company we decided to use a OneNote file as courseware. Students will write their own courseware during the course, in a specially created OneNote block. The first page would be the Table Of Contents page. This felt really good and whenever possible I like to add a table of contents in my personal books as well. It gives me the much needed guidance of keeping my books somewhat structured. Creating a table of contents is easy to do. Read on and I will show you how I went about it. This is certainly not the only way but for me it works fast simple…

A table of contents the WIKI way
This is probably the easiest way. When you know how to work on a WIKI page or use a wiki page in SharePoint you will see that this technique also works in OneNote.

  • Begin by typing double block quotes like this: [[Let us make a new page]]. You will see that OneOne created a new page (not a new section but a new page in the section you are working on) and made the text “Let us make a new page” a link. When you click this link you can easily navigate to the page you just made.
  • As you can see the link under the text is dotted. You can click on it and it will take you to the designated page. However when you go back to the link you will see that the line is still dotted. It will become a ‘normal’ link once you have placed some text or picture on the new page. As of that moment you know that there is something on that page and the link is straight lined.




That is a fine technique if you don’t have anything in your new OneNote book yet, but how about existing books? In that case i take the following steps:

  • First rightclick on the pagetitle in the tabssection
  • Choose “Copy link To Page”
  • Go to the TOC where you want your new link to appear and click “Paste”. This is the simplest way because that will just paste a link to the already existing page.
  • So if you have done a couple of pages it is time to do something about the appearance. I just click the bullets while i am pasting my pagelinks. Doing it that way i created the TOC as shown below.
    As you can see the contents are in Dutch but that does not really matter because it is just meant to show you the outcome. You will also notice the dotted lines under some of the paragraphs because i’m updating this TOC all the time, sometimes wiki style and sometimes paste style. So let me know how you keep your OneNote structured.

TOC OneNote

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