Zoom in on your Presentation

If you are presenting or teaching it would be nice to zoom in on your screen from time to time. Using a beamer is often not quite good enough. I use ZoomIt for a long time now and I have to say that I can not live without it anymore. During presentations and my courses I regularly zoom in on my screen to make my point. If you take a look at the settings you will see that you can also use a pen or draw a rectangle around the focus point on your sreen. Many students and other consultants ask me where I got that program and if they could use that as well. Sure you can and the good news is it doesn’t cost anything.

You can find ZoomIt here

Remember if you start it nothing will happen. The keys to activate zoomit (by default) are CTRL + 1. You can return to normal view by pressing ESC. Ofcourse you can assign other quick keys if you like.


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