Are you a Ribbon Hero?

Are you the next Ribbon Hero?

Ribbon Here for Office 2007 and Office 2010
It has been around for a while and if you use Office 2007 or 2010 you should certainly try this out. What am I talking about? Ribbon Hero!  When installed it will show up on your ribbon. It will be the very last option in your Excel, Word, PowerPoint or OneNote ribbon. You can also start right away after the installation is finished. You can download it at This is also great for training your ribbon skills for MOS certification!

The Story
The idea behind the Ribbon Hero is to go on a journey with Clippy (you know him right?). Watch the animations and after that click continue to start completing the tasks you are presented.

No hints
Are you really that good in using the Ribbon in the applications mentioned above? Then try to complete all the tasks without using the Hint option. You will receive additional points if you don’t use any hints. When you are finished and have enough points you might even become a “Ribbon Super Hero“. Go on shows us your scores and let me know what you scored!


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