Restore OneNote File?

I have backups?
We’ve all been there. We always think about it and one of the great features about OneNote is that is does this for you! Create a backup. So what about restoring a backup if you actually need a file that has vanished one way or the other? Do you know where to find your backup file? Did you ever take a look at the settings for creating backups? Many users don’t even know they have backups! In this post I will show the settings for creating a backup of your all-important OneNote files and how to restore sections or books for that matter.

2 thoughts on “Restore OneNote File?

  1. noone

    This doesn’t work, and is nothing more than the regurgitation of the documentation, or what ANY FREAKING CHILD can figure out by clicking on the File-Backup menu.

    Sheesh, create some original content, wouldja?


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