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I did an earlier post on how to create a OneNote package template (see here). This is not a page template but a total template in which you define your whole OneNote book. In this post i want to show you how easy it is to create your own page template. OneNote comes packed with lots of page templates but as usual it does not have the one i am looking for. Fortunately you have the possibility to create your own. When i am working with one note i use two page templates for all my projects. The first one is what i call the title page and the second one i’ve called the data page. On the title page i have all the general info of the project and on the data pages i put the rest of my materials. This can be a powerpoint presentations, single notes, drawings and internet clippings. Here’s an example of my title page. In the with square i type the title of my project. This will automatically become the name of my page.

Title Page Template

Page template

So how did i do this? Read and try the following steps and you will be able to use your own page template(s).
First i took an image from a powerpoint presentation which we use as a standard in our company. I copied and pasted this and removed all the elements i did not like. If you want to create your own just use something like “Pain.Net” and create a rectangle. Fill this with the desired colour and you are good te go. Now choose new blank page from within OneNote and insert this picture. Size it to the desired height and width you like. Because you don’t want this picture to be in the way of your typing we are going to place the picture to the background. Here is the first picture which i’ve added to the page:

Page TemplateNow here’s how to set the picture to the background:
> Rightclick the picture, you should see the menu popping up
> From the menu choose “Set picture as background”
Set to BackgroundYou will see that it is no longer possible to select the picture. If you would like to bring it back to the surface again rightclick it again and click the same option again. This will bring your picture back to the surface.

Set is as template
So with the picture set to the background it is time to save this page as my page template which i can use every time i would like that. Here are the steps:

  • Click the little black arrow from the “New Page” menu on the right.
    New Page
  • Choose the last option from the menu “Page Templates”
  • You will see a new taskbar pop up
    New Template
  • Let see what we get here. You see the various categories where to choose from. These are not the ones we are looking for. We want to save our current page as a template. The very last sentence in this taskbar says “Save current page as a template”. Right that is exactly what we are looking for. Guess what you will have to click on?
  • The following dialog will pop up asking you for a title for your template:
    First Page
  • I called it First_Page. That little checkbox looks interesting. What would happen if you would check that box? On the current section of your OneNote page everytime you choose “new page” your page template will be presented as the default. It is up to you if you think that would be an option to choose. If you don’t you would have to choose it manually everytime you want to create a new page.
  • I did the same trick with another page. I created a new blank page and added a new picture. This will be my additional page i use for the rest of my project. Do the same steps as above to add this page to your own templates as well.
  • Now the final step is having a look at the taskbar again to see if all went well
    Data page
  • What we see in the taskbar is the following. At the very top you will see that a new category has been added called “My Templates”. Expand the category and your page templates should be visible. At the “choose default template” section i’ve chosen my title page as the default.
  • So everytime i create a new page i get my title page as a starter. If a want to add more pages i choose the “additional_Pages” template. The following pictures show you how it looks

Example Title Page

I’ve blurred the text somewhat for copyright reasons 😉

and this is how the second page (the datapage) looks like

Data page

Final thoughts

Why would one create their own templates after all? Well i think my templates align well with the style my company uses. It creates a certain uniformity throughout all my OneNote block which i like. Tell me have you created some nice looking templates as well?

Happy templating 🙂

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