OneNote Send To

OneNote Send To
If you have been reading my blog you must have seen that i use OneNote a lot. This has to be one of my favs in the Office Suite. When preparing for classes i do my research and publish all my notes in OneNote. Sometimes this leads to manuals which i only have in OneNote. When students ask me if they can have my notes i present them the various options i have to offer:

OneNote Send To

I have to say that i rarely use the last option [Send to Blog] but the other ones? Yep i use them frequently. Let me show you how some examples look:
This is the page i would like to “Send”

Data page

To send this page i click on the [File] option in the Ribbon (Office 2010). This takes me backstage. Now i click on the Send option and i am presented the various options you saw earlier.

  • Send to Word: Here is how it looks if you send it to Word (opens Microsoft Word)
    Send to Word
  • Email page as PDF: This will generate a PDF file from the current page and open Outlook. The .PDF will be an attachment.
    Send as PDF
  • Email page as an Attachment: This well generate a regular mail item with two attachments
    Email as attachment
  • Email page: This does exactly what it says. It takes the content of the current page and it will be pasted in your email. Be aware that if you have a lot of text you will generate an enormous email message 😉
    Send as mail
  • Now all we have to do is send and the info is on its way.

I know you are thinking how spectacular is this? Well given the circumstances i think this is one of the features from OneNote that gives us the flexibility everyone is looking for. You can save and share all the info you want the way you want it by just one click. How easy can life get for you?

Final Remark:if you have selected a particular container on you OneNote page OneNote will consider this as being the selection you want to “Send”. So be sure that of you want the whole page that you don’t select a specific container.

Happy Sending 🙂

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