PowerPoint: Let’s Make A Test

Office templates
Every office application comes packed with lots of templates. If you open up Word, Excel or PowerPoint you can choose from a great variety of templates. While working with Office so many years i have to admit i did not use the templates very often. Most of the time they just don’t fit the requirements i am seeking for. But from time to time there are some templates that make life much easier and can actually add some value to what you are trying to accomplish. Let me explain.

Creating the Quiz
Just a few days ago i wanted to challenge my son to earn some money to spend on his upcoming vacation. I did not just wanted to give him the money but rather test his knowledge of the place his was about to visit (New York). So i was thinking about some sort of quiz. Now how to go about this great idea? I opened up my laptop and stared at my office icons. Ok which app is going to help me out on this one i was thinking. Both my kids love PowerPoint so i gave it a shot. Started up PowerPoint clicked “New”. Now for a change i clicked “Sample Templates” and guess what? Straight away my eye fell on this icon smiling at me called “Quiz”. Could this be something i was looking for…

Fill in the blanks
So there it was, a powerpoint template ready to go. Now let’s see what i have to do here… If you actually take the time to read the second slide it will explain exactly what you will have to do. So i did and tried it out. Let me show you:

So in fact the only thing you have to do is to choose a type of question and fill in the blanks right? Let’s try one slide and see how this works out:

On the Home tab i clicked “New Slide” and was presented with all these predefined slides to choose from. I chose the first one “Simple Question & Answer”. This gave me the following slide:

Ok i have to click the “Click to add question” textbox and write my question there. So far so good i understand that. For the answer i have to click the “Click to add answer” textbox to write the answer. I get that also. Wow that’s simple and yet effective. So i wrote down a question and an answer like this:

and went ahead to view the slideshow. What you actually see is the question on the screen but the answer doesn’t show until you click the keyboard or mousebutton. This triggered my curiosity and i wanted to see the animation pane. What?? Nothing to see there! You know what do not question everything and just enjoy the fact that someone took te time to figure this out. So i did and went ahead to explore all the other possible question slides. Here are the options to choose from:

  • Simple Question and answer
    You add a question and an answer in this slide and you are good to go
  • Detailed Question and Answer
    You can add some additional info to the answer you provide
  • True or False Question (answer: true)
    Choose this question for a True or False question where the answer is True
  • True or False Question (answer: false)
    Choose this question for a True or False question where the answer is False
  • Multiple Choice
    This is an interesting question. You can supply multiple answers to the question where only one answer is the correct one. You start by adding the correct answer in option A. After that you rearrange the textbox with the correct answer with an incorrect answer. For example ‘switch’ the textbox from answer A with the textbox from answer D. Just drag and align the texboxes and you are done.
  • Item Match Up
    This is also a interesting one. In this slide you can add items to the left and place items to the right. As long as the items match (you will be guided by the slide template) you are good to go. This slide might take some getting use to because of its sequential behaviour. So if the person who is taking the quiz has the first one wrong all the other options are designated in advance so you can’t manipulate the anymore. So the challenge should be to tackle the first one correctly and then move on to the next one. Explain that the test taker should first read properly and then match the item.

Having Fun
After an hour or so i was mixing and matching several question for my quiz. This is fun i thought and my daughter agreed. She likes PowerPoint very much and decided to create her own quiz for her mother about gardening. We had a lot of fun taking the quiz and my son earned some money the hard way (instead of just getting it). He had fun learning about NY and I hope this will contribute to his general knowledge about places around the world 😉

What else can I use this for?
After playing the quiz i could not stop thinking about this template. There has to be some other use for this template as well. Here are some thoughts on how you can use this template besides just the general fun quiz:

  • Teachers
    You can use this template to make preparation test for the individual students who are afraid of taking real test
  • Test takers
    Prepare yourself for that certification coming up by creating your own test. You will be amazed what difficult questions you will make for yourself
  • Presenters
    After your presentation you can create a five question quiz to hand out a small prize (commercialized version of course maybe account managers)
  • Students
    For finalizing your presentation for school assignments – test your fellow students

For now happy Quizzing 🙂

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