May The Force Be With You

MOS 2010 Bootcamp

Now is the time to plan that extra time to get certified. You are just a couple of certs away of becoming a MOS Master. My company has a special bootcamp set up just for you. The last week of July 2012 is the time to join MOS 2010 bootcamp. We will prep you for all the necessary exams to become MOS specialist in Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook 2010. This will be no picnic because in one week all those apps will be on the agenda. So who is this bootcamp for anyway? We’ll as one might understand you need to have working experience with the applications mentioned above. Why? Simple you can not get certified in something you haven’t used before! So the target audience are Information Workers already familiar with the applications. If you have the necessary experience and are up for the challenge we will guide you through the process of becoming MOS certified!

The Next Step
What is the next step if i get MOS certified? What if i am already certified and want to become MOS Master? Well then MOS Master 2010 Bootcamp is the one you are looking for! This one is scheduled for the first week of August 2012. For this bootcamp we are looking for Information Workers who are ready for the next step. To become Mos Master one needs to complete the Excel Expert, Word Expert exams with the additional PowerPoint and Outlook regular exams. Remember they don’t call these exams Expert exams for nothing. This means that we are looking for users who have the necessary skills to go beyond the standard functionality of Word and Excel. But boy does this give you a great feeling once you have mastered all the certifications and you get presented the additional MOS Master certificate 🙂

Target Audience
Our company is based in the Zoetermeer in the Netherlands. Does this mean that i can’t join the party? Well no everyone can join the party but we are focussing on Ducth Information Workers. If you are not from the Netherlands and you are interested in following our bootcamp then just send a mail to my company. State that you are interested in following the bootcamp and i’ll see if I can come up with a plan to satisfy our international audience. This means that there might be an additional bootcamp being scheduled based on request. How cool is that.

So there is only one thing to do and that is to visit our website to download that bootcamp information factsheet and register. This will be in Dutch. You want this one in English as well? Just pop a mail to the mailaddress you’ll see on our website.

Summerschool and Bootcamp Info can be found here: Summerschool and Bootcamp (if the link is broken or doesn’t work let me now pls).

Happy bootcamping and become one of the MOS Masters of the Universe 🙂 May the force be with you.

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