Office Lens: Perfect picture from the Whiteboard

Office-Lens_II Every now and again you bump into these great tools you can use for your work. Today i found another one. It is the Office Lens App for your windows phone. Earlier i posted a blogpost about Office Remote. Well you can see Office Lens in the same category here. This app makes taking snapshots from a whiteboard a whole lot easier. But wait you can also scan a document or even a photo. So why would you want to do that one asks? Well if you are like me and you have taken a picture from a whiteboard before you know what a struggle this can be to get a result which actually looks as you would like it to look. Office Lens will help you in the process of taking a picture from the whiteboard, present you with an option to do some additional cropping and in the end the app will fix the image for you.

Ok enough said. Show some results. I have taken a picture from a whiteboard. The first one is actually just a picture with nothing done to it. As you can see the board is very glossy and you see the shadow of me taking the picture. That is not what i want. Well let’s try another angle. With Office Lens i took the same picture and let the app do his work. It cropped the picture and removed the shadow for me. Wow i am officially impressed 🙂

Whiteboard_I Whiteboard_II

As with Office Remote the app comes with clear instructions. When first started you get a couple of screens explaining the app. Yes this is how the apps should work! You can get it here: Office Lens or just search for in on your phone! Nice right..? So start taking pictures from those whiteboards now 🙂

Office_Lens_III Office_Lens_I Office_Lens_IV

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