Meeting? – Collaborate with OneNote meeting details

We have come to this era where meetings and note taking have reached new heights. Reminders on your phone indicating that the meeting is about to start, notebooks and tables are brought into the meeting ready to go. The only problem that’s left is where can I plug in my ac adapter :-)What surprises me is that so many attendees of the meeting are still taking individual notes. Everyone uses their own paper (yep still there!), their own files stored on their own tablet, pc or whatever device. Isn’t it time to get some common sense in this way of working? It is and OneNote can help you with that. On_Meeting_III

The meeting
So the first thing to get started with is plan the meeting. So you open Outlook and schedule the meeting. We invite the attendees who we would like to attend this meeting. So the actual meeting is scheduled. Now back to OneNote. You prepare a OneNote block for this meeting. As always notes are important.

Why not takes notes real time

While I am setting up my notebook in OneNote I am thinking would it not be better if attendees can scribble their notes and suggestions in the shared notebook right away. You bet it would. So the next step I take is make a general page with the meeting details. To do that I click on the Home tab. The last button is the one I am looking for Meeting Details.

When you click on the meeting details button you will see an overview of todays meetings. If you don’t see your meeting right away because the meeting is not scheduled for today, click Choose a meeting from another day. A calender will pop up. Navigate to the scheduled meeting you are looking for and click OK. Your meeting details will be inserted into the page you have indicated where the details should be.  On_Meeting_II

Your page should look something like this:


How cool is this… with the meeting details pasted in your OneNote page you can see the meeting details in your page. Who is attending, who has declined, what notes did i type with this meeting. You can collapse and expand the information at your fingertips! Oops just got a little over excited here. Back to the original intend. Sharing the notes with the attendees.

Back to Outlook
Open your meeting in outlook. Click on the button Meeting Notes in the ribbon.


You will be presented with the next dialog. Here you have two options: share notes or take individual ntes. In this case we want to share the notes. So click the first option. The next dialog will pop up asking you what section you want to share. This is important because at this point you wil have to check two options:

  • Which section do i want to share
  • Who is able to take notes in the notebook

In the pictures below i will show these options…




Pre filled email
One of the advantages of following these steps is the fact that the email addresses of all attendees will be prefilled in the shared dialog that will show up next. All you have t do is make the right choices with regards of signing in, editting options and share…


That’s it, you are done and good to go. All attendees will receive a mail with the link to the Shared Notebook and the meeting will be effective as can be! Happy collaborating 🙂

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