Link sources to OneNote with Linked Notes

LN_I This is a button you will run into some times in your Office applications. Many people have no clue what this button does. It’s actually a button which hides some pretty nice functionality. In this post I will be explaining the Linked Notes option to OneNote. What to expect? Well there are various situations where you can actually find this option very useful. Here’s the scenario for this post. You are asked to review the PowerPivot functionality in Microsoft Excel. Your manager points you to a document which explains it. Your task is to gather information in your OneNote file but with the restriction that you should not copy and paste everything is this OneNote block. So of we go. First we open the Microsoft Word document en we search for the button Linked Notes.

You will find the button Linked Notes in Microsoft Word under the tab Review. It is the last button you see. When you click this button some flickering will occur because OneNote will open. Here is where something different will happen. OneNote will divide your screen in two sections. The upper half of the screen will be reserved for the OneNote page where you will be taking your notes in OneNote. The lower half will be the Word document. LN_II

Where to place your notes. It is important to choose the right OneNote page where to place your notes. So the first thing you will see when you click the Linked Notes button is this dialog asking you where the linked notes will be placed. Choose your location and click OK. LN_III

Your screen will be split into two halfs. The upper half will show your OneNote page and the lowerhalf will be the other application. In this case it is Microsoft Word.


 Information from the net

We also heard about this website about PowerPivot. So we close OneNote and Microsoft Word and decide to do some surfing the net looking for this website. Now if only we had this button Linked Notes in Internet Explorer right? Well if you don’t see the button let me show you how to access it. Take a look at the picture on the right. In Internet Explorer find the Tools option in the menubar. When you click this button you will see the option we are looking for OneNote Linked Notes. That’s great. The screen will be divided again but this time you will see OneNote in the upper half and Internet Explorer in your lower half. All you need to do now is typ your notes in the upper half of the screen. In this case all notes you make will ne linked to this particular website. Now let’s see how that looks in OneNote. LN_IV


The OneNote View

Open your OneNote and view the page you have been editing. In front of your notes you will see the various icons indicating the source to what OneNote is linking to. In our example we see two icons. The first one is linking to our Microsoft Word document, the second one to Internet Explorer. Advantages of working this way? People only have to click the icon to open the source it is referring to. So no more adding screen shots, documents and other stuff in your OneNote page. Hmmm wait i kinda like that and now you are telling me not to 😦 Well some people just like the references instead of all the fancy stuff on their pages. As always we have to find the balance 🙂Happy Linking… LN_VII

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