OneNote: Do The Math

math_picOneNote has a lot of hidden gems you just take for granted. One of those gems which often puts a smile on my face is OneNote doing the math for me.

For my work I do need to do some arithmatic from time to time. Let me give an example. When working on a project where I need to create a lot of queries I make lots of notes in my OneNote block. While taking my notes I need to check the number of rows the query returns. When done I have to create the various criteria for this query so it becomes more explicit. When criteria are set I need to check the outcome of that part. While writing down the first result I substract the second result and press the equal sign on my keyboard followed by a space. That’s the moment when OneNote lends a helping hand by showing me the result of the substraction.

That’s what I mean by working efficiently. No caluclators, no smartphones or windows calculators needed. Results on demand.

But what if I don’t want that to happen?

Ofcourse in the rare occasion that you don’t want this to happen you can always disable this option. To do so go to File – Options – Advanced – Editing and uncheck the feature as shown below.


Do the math? I guess not, I’ll let OneNote do the math!

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