Outlook: please send your replies to…

send e-mailEver had the scenario where you wrote the mail but did not want the answer? The recipient should reply to someone else or a different mail address. How about that famous mail asking who will be attending the event your company is organizing. You are the one receiving all the replies. Well Outlook has this great simple option to send replies to a different mailaddress.

Here’s how to
First open Outlook and start a new email.
On the ribbon click the Options tab. On the far right you will see the button: Direct Replies To. Click that button.


This will open another dialog as shown below…


In this dialog you will see your name by default under the Delivery options group. Uncheck the checkbox in front of Have replies sent to. This will remove your name from the textbox. Now typ in the emailaddress or click Select Names… and choose the appropiate name from the addressbook. Click close the dialog. Finish the mail and click send. All replies to this mail will end up in the mailbox you provided.

Note: This option is per mail based. This means that it is good for a single mail session. Most of your mails shoud of course be replied to you.

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