Weekend Reading Free Chapters!

e-bookSo you like to read but not the whole book? Sometimes you just want to read a chapter to see if that’s the book you are looking for. Well i have prepared a list with a couple of titles that might be interesting for you. Every title has a sample chapter to read. Come to think of it you might need two weekends to read them all 🙂

Sample chapters from:

Creating Charts and Graphics in Microsoft Excel 2013
Using SharePoint 2013 with Excel and Access
Designing and Using Custom Forms in Microsoft Outlook 2013
Analyzing Data with Tables and Charts in Microsoft Excel 2013
Adding Structure to Your Diagrams in Microsoft Visio 2013
Assigning and Managing Resources in Microsoft® Project 2013
Understanding Access 2013 Databases
Using Lync as Your Phone
Working with Notebooks, Sections, and Pages in OneNote Home and Student 2013
Collaborating and Finishing Your Presentation in Microsoft PowerPoint 2013
Taking Notes to Another Level with Microsoft OneNote 2013
Using Formulas and Functions in Microsoft Excel 2013
Adjusting Slide Appearance in Microsoft PowerPoint 2013
Mailing Paper or Pixels with Microsoft Word 2013
Managing a Calendar in Microsoft Outlook 2013
Managing Contact Records in Microsoft Outlook 2013
Microsoft® Excel® 2013: Using Power View
Selecting Data Using Queries in Microsoft Access 2013
Analyzing Your Excel 2013 Data
Cube Functions in Microsoft Excel 2010
How to Schedule Meetings So They Are Convenient, Effective, and Fun
Tracking and Referencing Documents in Microsoft Word 2010
Working with Macros and Forms in Microsoft Excel 2010
Administering Your Enterprise Project Management Solution in Microsoft Project
Organizing Your Contacts List in Microsoft Outlook for Mac 2011
PowerPivot for Excel and SharePoint
Successful Project Management: Modifying the Project Schedule
The OFFSET Function in Microsoft Excel 2010
Create Compelling SmartArt Diagrams and Charts in Microsoft Word 2010
Microsoft PowerPivot for Excel 2010: Date Calculations in DAX
Inside OneNote 2010
Analyzing Microsoft Excel 2010 Data with PivotTable Reports
How to Change Workbook Appearance in Microsoft Excel 2010
Automating a Client Application Using Macros in Microsoft Access 2010
Customizing and Securing Microsoft Word 2010
Using RSS Feeds in Microsoft Outlook 2010
Create Databases and Simple Tables
Create Simple Reports in Microsoft Access 2010
Enhance Message Content in Microsoft Outlook 2010
How to Add Sound and Movies to Microsoft PowerPoint 2010
Working with Special Content in Word
Creating Queries in Access 2010
Managing a Calendar in Microsoft Outlook 2010
Using Formulas and Functions
Creating Dynamic Worksheets by Using PivotTables in Microsoft Excel 2010
Fine-Tuning Task Details in Microsoft Project 2010
How to Insert and Modify Diagrams in Microsoft Word 2010
Organize Information in Columns and Tables in Microsoft Word 2010
Setting Up Resources in Microsoft Project 2010
Building a Presentation Outline in PowerPoint 2010
Dynamic Chart Presentation Solutions That Pack a Punch in Microsoft Office Excel
Control Visual Basic in Microsoft Office Excel 2007 Visual Basic for Applications
Adding Animation, Sound, and Movies to Microsoft® Office PowerPoint® 2007
Exploring Microsoft® Office PowerPoint® 2007
Handling E-Mail Messages in Microsoft® Office Outlook® 2007
Managing Appointments, Events, and Meetings in Microsoft Office Outlook

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