Put Yourself On The Coverpage!

CoverPage_I One of the great features of Microsoft Word I like is the possibility to add a Cover Page to your document. I think a report is finished when it has a fine looking coverpage. Of course there are many coverpages to choose from but wouldn’t it be nice if you could add your own coverpage? In this blogpost I will explain how you can accomplish this. In all fairness I have to say that credits for my own coverpages go to my colleague Arnold. He’s the one designing stuff for me when I ask him to. He’s a real wizard in designing stuff in Microsoft Word. So it’s because of him our company has such great looking coverpages to choose from. Ok now let’s get you started creating coverpages for yourself or your company.


Full page cover
First you have to create a full cover page which will be the cover for your document. This can be done in any program you like. Maybe PhotoShop, Paint, Paint.net or you name it. Now because we want our coverpages to be ready for use we will make a template document so we can add them to our templates folder.

Start Microsoft Word and you will be presented with a nice new document. Save this document as a template (file save as – word template). It is important to know where you want to save your template. By default Word will present you with the templates folder for Word. In this case that’s fine. If you don’t want that change the save location to a path you like better.

Paste your art work!
CoverPage_VIRemember that artwork you made earlier? Paste it on the document in Word. Taddaaa. Looks nice right?

Now how do we let Word understand that my artwork should be placed in the dropdown menu where we can choose our cover pages? That’s where the Building Blocks come into play. If you want to make a couple of other cover pages now would be a great time. As you can see in the images my template holds about 15 cover pages to choose from.

Quick Parts – Building Blocks – Quick Parts Organizer
CoverPage_IIINow if correct you have a fully filled first page in your word document. Now select the whole page (Ctrl+A). The next step is to add this selection to the Quick Parts Gallery. You do so by going to the Ribbon, click the Insert tab and click the Quick Parts button in the Text group. Now choose the last option you see in the menu Save Selection to Quick Part Gallery… The three dots you see after this menu caption tells you that a new dialog window will open. You will be presented with the following dialog. I have made the appropriate changes to dialog which I will explain:

CoverPage_IVName: here you can type any name you like. This is the name that will appear under your cover page.
Gallery: choose Cover Pages from the drop down menu.
Category: choose one of the categories. Even better create your own category. This category will show up in the Cover pages menu.
Save in: make your choice. I have chosen my own template here.
When done click OK to close the Buiding Block window.

Be curious!
CoverPage_VDon’t wait for it, be curious. Go to the ribbon and click the Insert tab. Click the Cover Page button and look for your art work! Yep there it is and even in my own category. You have just created your very own Cover Page!

Next steps
Now the last steps we have to take are the following. Add the template to the correct folder. This can vary from computer to computer. In my case it is in the Templates folder: C:\Users\<<username>>\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Templates. In Word i chose to add it to add in options. So go to FileOptionsAdd Ins – choose Templates at the bottom and click Go. Mark the checkbox in front of your template name. Now every time Word starts it will start your template as well and your Coverpages will be loaded in the Coverpages menu. How cool is that!

Need more Cover Pages?
If you want to add more cover pages just follow the steps as we started. Remove the first piece of artwork. Paste some new artwork – Copy whole past – add to gallery etc. etc…

So no more excuses, make some stunning cover pages to make a statement with your reports. Look mom i’m on the cover 🙂




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