Word: New Document Please! Start Up The Way I Want

blankdocumentIt is nice to see everyone using the latest versions of MIcrosoft Office. Yeah I got Office 2013 and i am all up to date. So Word and Excel are still the apps most likely to be used in the Office (besides Outlook of course). What intrigues me is the fact that many users I speak still take their work enironment for granted. They go to the Office startup the pc and start up Word to work on their documents. Most pc’s are configured by IT departments. To make this efficient installation packages are deployed with at least modifications as possible. This has a lot of advantages but also lets the users do a lot of extra clicks because by default settings do not apply to everyone. Example: Microsoft Word start up. If you read on you might recognize yourself in this pattern. At the end you might be surprised by the number of countless clicks you can save by this tip.

No i do not want to use a template
So the last days I have been looking at several users to see the work routines starting Microsoft Word. First step…. open Word this is what they see:


Now the next thing they do is click Blank document. They do this every time Word starts. So my question for them was… How many times did you choose something other than Blank Document? The respons I got was never always the blank document..

Make Word start with a Blank document automatically
I decided to share a tip. Did you know that you can actually bypass this openings screen and go straight to a new document without first selecting Blank document? Here’s how to:

Go to FileOptions
You will see the following dialog pop up:

Now all you have to do is uncheck the box as shown in the image above and next time Word starts up you will go straight to a new document. Now count all the clicks you will save without having to click (or double click) New Blank Document!

The same applies for PowerPoint and Excel.
Concluding: to make Word work for you adjust some settings so it wil actually make a difference 🙂

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