Outlook: running late button on windows phone!

RunningLateRunning Late
Don’t you just hate it when you are running late for an appointment or meeting? Traffic is holding you up, no parking space to be found or you just simply overslept. One way or the other you have to notify the meeting organizer that you will be late. What to do… write a mail, send a text or WhatsApp? When you have a Windows Phone and your appointment is in your calendar you can just hit the ‘Late’ button and send a notification to the meeting organizer. Let me show you:

In your calendar tap the meeting which could look something like this:

RunningLate_INow at the bottom om the meeting event you see the various options to choose from. In this case you see four options

accept: hit this button to accept the meeting. Not what we are looking for right now. If you have accepted already this button won’t be there.

decline: hit this button if you want to decline the meeting. If you have declined well the appointment will be there right 🙂

respond: well the obvious choices to make here

late: yes this is the button we are looking for. Hit this button if you think you might not make it on time. The next step will be presented:

RunningLate_IIThis is the easy step. Click the option which is applicable. Mind you if you have a meeting with a lot of people do not touch the email everyone option! Best would be to choose the first option. This will send an email to the meeting organizer which would be sufficient.

After that you will see a pre-filled email appear which you can just send to the meeting organizer.

Yes, hit send and you will be excused for the start of the meeting. Wow that might just give you the slack you were looking for right. So your live just got a little easier with just three clicks!

RunningLate_IIIRunning late

Well running late for an appointment or meeting can have several causes. Just try to remind yourself why you were running late for this meeting. It is better to find a solution for why you are running late instead of hitting this button every time. Keyword here: planning!

Windows Phone
I have a Windows Phone, i do not know how this works on iPhone or Android. Do these phones have the same features on board?

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