Outlook: Do Not Send Response For Meeting

NoResponse_IHow many meetings do you plan using Outlook? And how many meeting responses do you receive after you have pressed Send? For lots of people this might be one of the great annoyances of Outlook. You plan a meeting with quite a group of people and they all decide to respond neatly. That means that you know who will be attending but do you really want to know? It also means quite a lot of return mail. Not all meetings require all attendees to be there or you just don’t want to know. Many people I talk to created rules to have meeting responses be redirected to some specific folders. If you don’t need or want to receive meeting responses after you planned the meeting follow this tip

Plan your meeting as usual
Start by planning your meeting as usual. Open ‘New Meeting’ and proceed like always. However before pressing the Send button have a look at the ribbon that is available. You will see a button in the ‘Attendees’ group called ‘Response’. This button has two options. You are looking for the first one:


Once you click on the arrow you see a check mark in front of Request Responses. Right that is exactly what we don’t need for this meeting. You uncheck it by simply clicking on it. And while you are at it have a look at the second option:


Not many users will use this but if they do you are in trouble… We don’t want people to propose a new time for this meeting. So uncheck this and you are good to go.

When to uncheck the Request Responses?
Well that’s up to you. Some companies have regular meetings with a lot of people who should attend. It is often the more informal meetings that are optional. Those would be good candidates to have the responses unchecked.

Don’t go running late…
And if you do have a meeting and are running late read my blog post about the running late button on your Windows Phone 🙂

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