About Me

You can learn something new every day. I do and I like to learn other people a trick or two as well. After a couple of years teaching at schools and living the consultant live for about 17,5 years I accepted a new challenge as a database marketer at my current company NLO (dutch lottery). That does not mean that I have stopped learning or stopped sharing my tips and tricks. Every day I see people working with Microsoft Office. I also see them struggling with the most basic functionality of the various applications such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint or Outlook. So it still gives me great pleasure to teach a trick or two every day. I do sometimes get a request for a training. Those times are gone. There are other great teachers out there to help everyone. So no longer main stage but small theatres only.


Blog posting
Since there is so much to talk about and to share I have decided to split up the blog into various areas. You will find info about MOS certifications, tips and tricks about office applications such as Access, Word, Excel and OneNote. I love to read some books to so when I do see something of interest in that area I will post it here as well.

Most of the people I know call me Maus just a nickname I have. It has nothing to do with mice (you know the living creatures) but it is merely an abbreviation of the first letter of my first name and the first three of my last name. So when I needed a tag for the virtual world it became themausman. And since everyone seems to think it has to do with mice I decided to take the naughty avatar of that little mouse trying to nick some cheese 🙂

Have any good ideas, let me know and we can share them…

Maurice (Maus)

3 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Marcia

    I am an intermediate user of MS Word 2010. I want to take courses to ‘up’ my skills and eventually take the MS Word 2013 Expert certification exam. I want to take in-depth on-line training (in my spare time) so that I can master each thing that Word does. Can you recommend a site/company for me to take this training online? I’m looking for intermediate then will move onto the advanced training through the same company when I’m done. A lot of companies offer this type of training, but in their courses only spend a couple of minutes talking about how to do something (i.e. templates, or macros). There’s a lot that goes into a each thing that Word does, and I want a course that will dig a little deeper and show me details, so I can avoid having questions later. I would appreciate hearing from you.

    Thank you

  2. Maurice Post author

    Hi Marcia,
    Thank you for your reply. It’s difficult to point out specific e-learning sites where one can practice various parts of Word. You could take a look at http://www.lynda.com which offers various videos on what you are looking for. For me hands on training is the best. Focus on excercises which you don’t do very often. Those are the tasks you will be performing during the exams!

  3. andrewhodge

    Maurice, I noticed you are still actively post on this site, you haven’t been posting to the OneNote site though. I just wanted to ask if there is ANY way I could motivate you to continue with this site? I have been actively going through every article you write and love the way your laying out the training. I am learning a lot… and… I like that your not focusing too much on one program. It seems like your posts are from different Office apps each time… and that’s great. Please please keep up the work. I’m sure I’m not the only one who loves it.

    P.S. I’m from all the way over in the Tacoma, Washington area of the United States… basically, I am about 35-40 minutes away from Redmond, Washington… the corporate office of Microsoft of course. 🙂


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