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Access 2010 Inside Out

The inside out series goes in depth with features not used very often in the various applications. Sure you will read about the formatting and templates, cool etc but the real added value is in the chapters where you might think “hmmm never used that functionality before”. Access 2010 by Jeff Conrad and John Viescas is no exception. A wealth of information coming your way when reading this book. My personal interest went straight to the chapters about the webdatabase functionality. So if your are looking for a readable and well explained book about Access this is it.

 Want to take a sneakpreview first? Take a look at the bookreview on the MS Press blog here and take a deeper look at chapter 11: Modifying Data With Action Queries

Access: Webdatabases

A whole new functionality added to the Access 2010 version “Webdatabases”. Wow that had me fooled for a minute. Thinking I could actually publish a database to the web which you can’t. Well you can but you need SharePoint 2010 to publish it to. Ahhh I get it. So no “public” option but a private piece of cloud!

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