One fine community!
I became an MCT in 2007 and I have to say that I was proud to be one of them. Was? Yes since I started a new job I stopped delivering training so there is no possibility to comply to the criteria to be an MCT any longer. One might wonder why becoming an MCT is so special. Well I can tell you there are several reasons and every MCT can name a few. For me the community feeling and participation is the most favourable. One of the activities MCT members do is organize a Summit every year. This is not something to take for granted though. It takes a lot of dedication and free time from the MCT’s who take it upon them to organize the event for that specific year. So far I have visited the summits in Berlin, Prague, Stockholm and Warsaw. I enjoyed every one of them very much. Meeting up with MCT’s from all over the world.

A little scary 🙂
I know how it works. You might think well this is for me but I don’t know any MCT who would like to join me on this trip. I had the same feeling the very first time. I took the gamble and went alone to Berlin. I can tell you after an hour I was chatting with three Swedish MCT’s and enjoying a nice beer. Later that evening I met hundreds of fellow MCT’s who’s name I forgot after just meeting them. Not because I couldn’t remember but the number of people I’ve met was huge and so was the number of names.

After the Summit I knew: this is one fine community which doesn’t leave you at it but welcomes you whatever place you come from!

MOS MCT do join us!!
So you are a Microsoft Certified Trainer but you only teach MOS? Well what’s keeping you from coming to the summit? We will try to accomodate the sessions to your needs as well. Better yet… become a speaker and enter your own MOS session! Would it not be great to meet in some foreign country and have a drink together 🙂

Where to start
Well that is simple your journey starts here:

After that you you should take a look here:

and finally to stay up to date you should regularly visit this place:

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