Exam Format

One of the frequently asked questions in the communities is “Is this a MC (Multiple Choice) exam” what to expect…

For lots of technical exams the format is indeed a Multiple Choice format. Unfortunately for those who like that format the MOS exams are hands on exams. This means that when you sit for one of these exams you will actually get Word or Excel in front of you with the exam questions at the bottom of the screen. For instance lets say you have to change the user credentials in Word. You are expected to change the user credentials in the dialog box where you can find the user credentials. When done you click for the next question.

Scary right?

I don’t think so because i think that this examformat does actually test your knowledge and skills for that specific application. So i like hands on exams. Needless to say that working experience is a must have for passing this exam.

New format: Office 2013 exams have a different exam format!!
The Office 2013 exams have a different exam format. You no longer get single step tasks. These exams present a sequential set of steps to take in order to finish a total package of tasks. In the end you should have a final product where all the tasks have been applied. For some people this means a different way of thinking. So i can’t skip a question anymore? You can, but since it is sequential you might get incomplete results when stepping into the next question. Yep life just got a little harder!

Time Frame:

You will find the time frame for the exam relatively short in comparison to a technical exam. The allocated time for a MOS exam is 50 minutes. If the 50 minutes are up the exam stops abruptly and you have no possibilities to finish questions you might not have answered. So pacing is important here!


When will i get the exam result? Right after you have taken the exam. If you passed the exam you will be congratulated, if you fail the exam you won’t… The examcenter will print out a scorecard with the result. The official certificate will be sent to you by mail (you know the old fashion way so not by email). This is a official Microsoft Certificate. And sure enough you will be proud of it 🙂

Number of Questions:

This varies per version and application. So we can’t give you an exact number here. When you start the exam you will get notified how of how many questions there will be in the exam. Lets just say you need your way around the applications very well to not be pressed for time.

Scoring percentage:

What score do i need to get to pass the exams? Every exam has a maximum of 1000 points (just as the technical exams). Most of the times the passing score percentage is around 70% so a 700 would be enough to pass the exam. But take it from me that you might want to study for at least 85% to be reassured that you did well. How about if you cannot find those options asked for at certain questions? You will not know how much each question weighs within the possible 1000 points you can score!

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