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Access Webdatabases New Kid On The Block

Access Webdatabase

The Access Webdatabase functionality came available with the release of Office 2010. Wow finally we can create databases for the web was my initial thought. It did not take long to realize that this was a wrong assumption. One of the prerequisites was SharePoint 2010 – Access Services. Hmm i did not have SharePoint on my pc so i was not able to build my first web database. Sure there were third parties offering hosted environments to create Access Webdatabases but i registered to late to take advantage of their free offer. After a certain period you had to pay for their services. I asked my company if it was possible to use some space in our SharePoint environment to play around with Access Services. They agreed and i was able to build my first webdatabase.

A new learning curve
I soon discovered that creating webdatabases is a whole new experience. The embedded macro, the macro editor, the switchboard everything i almost never used in my Access development became important. What? Why would you want to do it like that when you can do it like this… everytime this question popped up in my mind when creating my database. During that process i forgot one major part and that was Access Services (on SharePoint 2010). It was not that Access could not do it the way i wanted it but it was SharePoint restricting me constantly. I decided to start all over again and tried to find out what could be done instead of what i would like. First steps: create a table and record validation. In this blogpost i will write about creating a table for a webdatabase. In future post i will write about the process of creating a simple webdatabase for SharePoint. So if you have the possibility join me in this adventure of creating a table for a webdatabase to publish later.

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Microsoft Access 2010 VBA Programming Inside Out

Inside Out Series
I am a great fan of the Inside Out series. They give a great in depth view of the specific application. Take a peek at the book section and you will see that there are more book from the Inside series there. This one is the next step when you are done with the Access 2010 Inside Out by Jeff Conrad and John Viescas. This is a comprehensive book and together with this addition you are ready to tackle any database challenge with Microsoft Access.

Sample Chapter
I really like the possibility to check out a sample chapter on the MS Press blog. This way you get a inside view of the style of writing by the author and the subject he’s writing about. For this book the sampe chapter is about using SQL Azure. How cool is that. The next step in your programming career and you get to read a free chapter about it. You can read it here

Yep another one for the bookshelf or eReader

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