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Excel Use The Function Wizard Wisely

Nested functions in excel
A new best friend…
During one of my courses i stumbled up on the following situation. One of my students was using nested functions and used the function wizard to accomplish his task. What caught my attention was the he was copying and pasting his nested function. In other words he was nesting functions by using the function wizard, closing the wizard, copying and pasting the rest of the functions in the formula bar. I asked him if he knew that he could accomplish the same thing using the function wizard. He didn’t and told me that this was the technique he used all of his Excel career. I showed him how he could do it and he and i are best friends for ever now šŸ˜‰

Let me show you how you can nest functions in Excel without leaving the function wizard.
In this post i will show you two examples of nested functions in Excel using the function wizard. The first one is a simple example using the same function twice. The second example is more complex showing three different functions in one formula just to show the technique. Remember the example is simple and is just to show the technique!

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