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Advanced Filtering in Microsoft Excel

Take a guess… how many rows will have been filtered in Excel by now? I have no idea but I do know that filtering is used by millions of excel users worldwide. Why do we use this feature so much? I think that it’s because it has such a low learning curve and you get an instant result. The way it is presented is easy for the end user and you can apply multiple filters in one set of data. So why is there the distinction between Filter and Avanced Filter? To get a clear view on filtering it is important to know how to apply your filter. This is always a great topic in my Excel courses. We start of by applying the simple filters and soon I start asking questions which make filtering a lot harder than when we started. Let me explain.

Basic Filtering
Let’s take a look at an example. In the list below we are going to apply a basic filter by looking for Children’s Books. Go to the little arrow in the header of the category column, and in the dropdown
deselect the All option and select the option [Children’s Books].

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