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New Free Annual MOS Voucher Offer (MCT only)

Free Voucher..!

MCT’s get some benefits when enrolled in the MCT Program. For a long time it is possible register for beta exams for technical exams. It is also possible to register for MOS beta exams. However if you are a MOS MCT you might have hoped that you would get some discount when taking an exam. As of now MCT’s can benefit the following offer. Every year they can request a free voucher to take one of the MOS exams for free. Remember this is only available for MCT’s. You can obtain your voucher by going to the MCT member site and look under the [special offers] section. So if you have not done so… what are you waiting for? Go on and of to the membersite to get this benefit!

What to spend it on? Have a look here for all available exams: https://mauriceausum.wordpress.com/mos-certification/available-exams/

Source: http://borntolearn.mslearn.net/

Original posting by Wendy Johnson: http://borntolearn.mslearn.net/mct/general/f/117/t/103944.aspx (remember you have to be an MCT to read this post)