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MOS Master 2013 requirements simplified

MOMS2013So you are an Ace at Microsoft Word but not so in Microsoft Excel. Or maybe the other way around. You are the Guru at Microsoft Excel but use Word simply as a typewriter. You want to become certified and show your skills. You are ‘the Master’. But how do you become a master in Microsoft Office if you do not have the skills for both applications? Well be prepared to get certified because requirements to become a master have changed.

Less certifications to become a master!
Yes, it’s true. As of january 5th 2015 you need less certifications to become a MOS Master. Does this not devaluate the certification you might think? No way I will explain why it has become easier to get the master certificate and why it still holds its value.

Back in the good old days
You needed to be very good in Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook (or Access) to become a master. Office 2013 did not make it any easier. It became even worse. You need to get an additional certificate to call yourself a master. A total of 6 exams is needed. Word and Excel was splitted into to expert exams. Wow you can imagine that a lot of people out there passed their chances when hearing about those requirements. I took the challenge and passed them all but what a challenge it has been!

Microsoft Word Expert – Microsoft Excel Expert
Better insights and feedback learned that it is not motivating trying to achieve a credential if you also need to take an exam in an area that you are not that comfortable in. So they split it up!

Become a MOS Master through the track that suits you well
You are great with Word right? Well choose the Word Track to become a master. You are the master of Excel? Well then choose the Excel track. You are good in everything (a true Office Ninja?) then take the expert track!

Requirements as of january 5th 2015

New MOS 2013 Master Certification
Track Required Elective (select 1) Total Exams
Word 77-425: Word 2013 Expert Part 1 77-422: PowerPoint 2013 4
77-426: Word 2013 Expert Part 2 77-424: Access 2013
77-420: Excel 2013 77-423: Outlook 2013
77-419: SharePoint 2013
77-421: OneNote 2013
Excel 77-427: Excel 2013 Expert Part 1 77-422: PowerPoint 2013 4
77-428: Excel 2013 Expert Part 2 77-424: Access 2013
77-418: Word 2013 77-423: Outlook 2013
77-419: SharePoint 2013
77-421: OneNote 2013
Experts 77-425: Word 2013 Expert Part 1 No Elective Required 4
77-426: Word 2013 Expert Part 2
77-427: Excel 2013 Expert Part 1
77-428: Excel 2013 Expert Part 2

data from: www.certiport.com (additional info available on the site here)

Legacy certification – Office 2010?
The above described requirement changes apply to Office 2013. But what about Office 2010? Well those requirements did not change. Those certifications requirements have only one expert exam to take for Excel and Word. Complete it with PowerPoint and one elective and you are good to go.

So what’s keeping you from jumping up and down. Get on those Excel boots, dust off your Microsoft Word basic skills and become a Microsoft Office Master in 2013! If you succeed post it here and let me know. If you need some additional tips take a look at the MOS Certification section on this blog.

May The Force Be With You

MOS 2010 Bootcamp

Now is the time to plan that extra time to get certified. You are just a couple of certs away of becoming a MOS Master. My company has a special bootcamp set up just for you. The last week of July 2012 is the time to join MOS 2010 bootcamp. We will prep you for all the necessary exams to become MOS specialist in Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook 2010. This will be no picnic because in one week all those apps will be on the agenda. So who is this bootcamp for anyway? We’ll as one might understand you need to have working experience with the applications mentioned above. Why? Simple you can not get certified in something you haven’t used before! So the target audience are Information Workers already familiar with the applications. If you have the necessary experience and are up for the challenge we will guide you through the process of becoming MOS certified!

The Next Step
What is the next step if i get MOS certified? What if i am already certified and want to become MOS Master? Well then MOS Master 2010 Bootcamp is the one you are looking for! This one is scheduled for the first week of August 2012. For this bootcamp we are looking for Information Workers who are ready for the next step. To become Mos Master one needs to complete the Excel Expert, Word Expert exams with the additional PowerPoint and Outlook regular exams. Remember they don’t call these exams Expert exams for nothing. This means that we are looking for users who have the necessary skills to go beyond the standard functionality of Word and Excel. But boy does this give you a great feeling once you have mastered all the certifications and you get presented the additional MOS Master certificate 🙂

Target Audience
Our company is based in the Zoetermeer in the Netherlands. Does this mean that i can’t join the party? Well no everyone can join the party but we are focussing on Ducth Information Workers. If you are not from the Netherlands and you are interested in following our bootcamp then just send a mail to my company. State that you are interested in following the bootcamp and i’ll see if I can come up with a plan to satisfy our international audience. This means that there might be an additional bootcamp being scheduled based on request. How cool is that.

So there is only one thing to do and that is to visit our website to download that bootcamp information factsheet and register. This will be in Dutch. You want this one in English as well? Just pop a mail to the mailaddress you’ll see on our website.

Summerschool and Bootcamp Info can be found here: Summerschool and Bootcamp (if the link is broken or doesn’t work let me now pls).

Happy bootcamping and become one of the MOS Masters of the Universe 🙂 May the force be with you.

The Industry is Changing – Make Sure Your Skills Keep Pace

Cloud Ready

The last year has been a merry go round for the information worker. At least that’s what i have noticed visiting many clients. Not only did many companies switched to Windows 7 but at the same time the next logical step was taken and that is upgrading to Office 2010. I could not applaud them more. For me personally this means being as up to date as i possible can.

Information Workers (IW) make the jump to the cloud
Many IW i meet find the Office 2010 suite a great improvement in comparison to the old situation. Some of them use office 2010 in combination with office 365. This often leads to more questions besides the new excitement. How do i store my documents in this SharePoint thing and how to get it back again. This led me to think that many IT Pros are ready for the Cloud and prepare for the future. But what about the Information Workers, are they ready for the future? As a headstart some of them used their SkyDrive to learn about Cloud computing and find it very convenient. Not only do they get an enormous amount of free storage but they also get to know the office suite in the cloud.

Now for the SharePoint part
It is a pleasure to see that many IW are so enthousiastic about the cloud. The workplace offers SharePoint as a collaboration platform. How does this SharePoint stuff work and where can i learn about it. Some of the questions i regularly here during my consultancy hours. First we talk about what the IW already knows about SharePoint and the cloud. During the conversations it’s often the IT guy that should have given the answers. Instead he presents the user with a [site] – because that is what they asked for. The information worker now faces a dilemma. Great I have a site and i can do what ever i like with it within the given boundries. It doesn’t take long before the enthousiasme is killed because of the lack of knowledge.

Where to start
My advice for Informaton Workers who want to know more about SharePoint and cloud is to start of with a end user course. I found this one very useful:
Course 50575A: SharePoint 2010 End User
I had a couple of IW who found this a good starting point for getting ready for some serious cloud computing. No i’m not only talking about SharePoint but also things like web apps, InfoPath, Excel Webservices, PowerPivot and much more. But we have to start somewhere. If they want the next step i suggest the follwing: Course 50469B: SharePoint 2010 End User – Level II. The great advantage of following these classes is that they now know what to ask the IT guy. Another advantage is that the IT guy understands the question the IW posted 😉

Get certified
As a trainer/consultant I often have to discuss the learning plans with the decision makers from various companies. What’s in it for the company and how do we get a good return on investment. When i talk about certification they are interested because now they a tool to measure their investment. Not only that but also a goal for their employees. I like taking the path which leads to certification but i do not choose the easy path. I do encourage to take the path with the hands on experience. In my opinion the only right path. So what path to take for the information Worker when we want them to certify without them pushing them into an IT Pro certification path? My advice would be to guide the IW to the following exam:

This exam leads to [Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS): SharePoint 2010] a well deserved credit for your employee. It doesn’t take years to achieve and it will lead to employees who know what they are talking about. Furthermore they will have the capabilities to work cloud efficient and that’s what we are striving for in the future right?

For me it is of studying for the 70-667 exam because i have to keep up myself as well. It’s all hands on for me now! Some PowerShell anyone?

Happy Clouding 🙂

OneNote: Get Ready.. Set… Take The Beta Exam!

MOS Certification BannerWell we have been waiting for this one a long time don’t we? The number of OneNote users is steadily growing and now you get the opportunity to get certified. Prior to the release of an exam there is a beta period. During this period people get the change to take the exam in full glory. After the beta period the exam is evaluated en reshaped to the final piece which comes available shortly after the beta.

Beta? Tell me more…
Well if you would like to participate in the beta there are some guidelines you need to follow. Let me sum up the steps you need to take:

  • Find a testingcenter near you that is available for beta testing. You can find a center using the testcenter locator from certiport which you can find here or you can take a look at the list provided by Wendy Johnson which you can find here
  • Send an email to the certiport betacoordinator stating you would like to take part in the betaprogram betacoordinator@certiport.com
  • Wait for the returnmail from stacey to see if you have been selected to participate
  • Take the exam at your preferred testcenter
  • The beta will run starting Monday, September 12 through Tuesday, October 4, 2011

And when i am done?
The waiting starts 😉 If you Pass the exam you will not have to take the finalized exam and you will be certified. You will receive a certificate by regular mail.

What to expect when taking the exam
What you would expect… taking the exam. But a beta exam has more… much more questions. The positive is that you also get twice as much time. As usual be aware that this exam is hands on so no multiple answer questions. Prepare for the exam by having a look at the preparation page here

So let’s do this. Open OneNote and see if you know how to add a template, add a section, add a password and……… you get the picture.

Happy prepping and i’ll let you know how i did (if i am selected to participate in the beta).