VBA Snippets

maus_cheer_iWhen working with Microsoft Office you have this great extensibility to enhance your functionality even more. Where regular macro’s enhance your documents you also have the option to write your own VBA code. During my work i meet a lot of people who want to learn this. So from time to time i teach VBA courses. This is great fun. Lots of VBA functionality can be re-used. You don’t have to write te code again. Just pop in what you wrote before and voila. Some VBA snippets come in handy every time. So on this page you’ll find some of these snippets you can use to enhance your documents, excelsheets, database forms etc.

So don’t stop where you left of, take the next step and start Basic 🙂

File Exists – Snippet to check if a file already exists
Copy File – Snippet to copy a file to another location
Move File – Snippet to move a file from one location to the other
Folder Exists – Snippet to check if a subfolder exists
Create Folder – Create a folder if it doesn’t exists
Copy Folder – Copies a folder to another location
Move Folder – Moves a folder from one location to another (needs permission to do so!

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